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Changing Court Orders After A Divorce Is Final

During a divorce, courts enter orders so that families can have some stability moving forward. However, time can bring changes to a family’s situation, and often court orders are no longer fair or efficient or serve the best interests of the children.

Laurie A. Bernstein, Esq., is a seasoned Essex County divorce modification attorney who fights beside clients who seek modifications to orders entered by the court. She works closely with her clients, learning about their needs after their marriages are legally over and crafting persuasive arguments that lay out the changes needed.

Are you eligible to change your order post-divorce? Contact our office at 973-567-3591 to learn more.

A Commitment To Continued Client Service

Courts will consider modification of child custody, parenting time, child support and spousal support awards for many reasons. One of the most common is that children’s needs and schedules change as they grow, making it necessary to adjust the family’s parenting plan to their new circumstances. Other times, there may be a substantial change in one parent’s income, which may justify modifying the support award. Modifications may also involve:

With more than 35 years of experience representing clients in family law cases, Laurie A. Bernstein, Esq., has the experience and skill to help clients seek the modifications they need. She is a tenacious advocate who diligently prepares each case so her clients have the best possible chance of achieving their goals.

Contact A Summit Child Support Modification Attorney

To schedule a confidential consultation with a divorce modification lawyer serving the central and northern counties of New Jersey, contact The Law Office of Laurie A. Bernstein, P.C., at 973-567-3591. You may also contact us by email for a prompt response.