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Preserve Your Parental Rights, Protect The Interests Of Your Children

Family law issues surrounding custody and parenting time are the most difficult and important issues a family can face.

Laurie A. Bernstein is an Essex County, New Jersey, family law attorney who helps parents navigate complex child custody and parenting time issues. She advocates vigorously on behalf of her clients, protecting their rights and fighting for results that serve their best interests of their children.

Ms. Bernstein is a tenacious advocate who champions the rights of her clients throughout their entire case. She works hard to ensure that no stone is left unturned, providing thorough and diligent representation.

If you are facing child custody concerns or issues related to rightful visitation time, attorney Bernstein can help. Contact The Law Office of Laurie A. Bernstein, P.C. at 973-567-3591 to learn more.

An Experienced Advocate For Custody And Parenting Time Issues

Several legal issues impact the rights and responsibilities of parent-child relationships for parents ending a marriage and those who were never married. With more than 40 years of experience as a family law attorney, Laurie A. Bernstein has the resources to successfully represent parents in cases involving:

  • Legal custody: Giving parents a voice in major decisions involving their children
  • Residential custody: Granting one parent primary day-to-day caretaking responsibilities or a shared residential custody arrangement
  • Parenting time: Scheduling parenting time with a noncustodial parent or outlining time-sharing between parents sharing residential custody

Laurie Bernstein is dedicated to helping clients find creative solutions through dispute resolution, including custody mediation and settlement negotiations. Or she will try the case if the parent determines that it is in the child’s best interests.

Also, if other parties involved are not abiding by the agreed-upon parenting time order, she is prepared to file a motion to help get it enforced by the court.

Deviations From The Child Support Guidelines

The court may, where appropriate, deviate from the child support guidelines for several reasons. For some families, the child support calculations may not be applicable due to a child’s attendance at a college away from home or because they are high-income earners. In these situations, Laurie A. Bernstein, fights for the best interests of her clients, seeking child support awards or enforce existing orders that fit the needs of the particular family.

For some families, added expenses for day care or a child’s special needs must be considered as part of a child support award. Ms. Bernstein has the background and experience to help clients secure comprehensive arrangements that account for all issues of concern regarding children’s needs. A family’s financial situation can change drastically, requiring the parties to revisit orders entered by the court. Laurie A. Bernstein fights to help modify support awards as the needs of the family evolve and their circumstances change.

Attorney Bernstein can also help you discuss future expenses for children, such as college tuition, as part of your child custody agreements.

Considerations For Moving Children Out Of State

The court’s top priority in any case involving child custody, parenting time or requests to relocate out of state is the best interest of the child. To make an informed decision, the court may also consider factors such as:

  • The reason for the move
  • The benefits of the move for the child
  • The nonmoving parent’s involvement in the child’s life
  • The ability to make arrangements for continued parenting time
  • Property settlement agreements that address custody, parenting time and the ability to relocate out of the state

The standards for relocating with a child are constantly evolving. Laurie Bernstein stays up to date on the latest cases and trends so that she can provide relevant, straightforward advice to her clients. She will go to battle for her clients, fighting to protect their rights and helping them achieve their goals.

Contact A New Jersey Parenting Time Attorney

To schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced Essex County child custody attorney, contact The Law Office of Laurie A. Bernstein, P.C. at 973-567-3591 or email for additional information. Attorney Bernstein serves the central and northern counties of New Jersey.