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Effective Guidance During The Difficulty Of Divorce

For many people, divorce is one of the most difficult transitions of their lives. Creating two households from one that was shared often requires couples to divide financial assets, pensions and retirement accounts, businesses, personal property, real estate and, perhaps most importantly, their time with their children.

Laurie A. Bernstein is a distinguished Essex County, New Jersey, family law attorney who has more than 40 years of legal experience. She provides clients with practical guidance in divorce planning, ethical legal advice and strong, diligent representation when they need it most.

Attorney Bernstein serves clients throughout Central and northern New Jersey. Call her Roseland office at 973-567-3591 to schedule a confidential evaluation of your case.

Skilled Advocacy On Your Side

Ms. Bernstein is committed to protecting her clients’ rights while assisting them in reaching an acceptable agreement through negotiation and mediation. When reaching an agreement is not possible, Ms. Bernstein has the experience and litigation skills to go to battle for her clients at trial. Her knowledge, experience, attention to detail and thorough approach help ensure that she is ready for any challenge her clients might face, including those involving:

With an unwavering dedication to her clients, Ms. Bernstein goes above and beyond to help find solutions for her clients. She works closely with clients, learning about their unique situations and concerns.

Common Divorce Concerns

Is New Jersey a no-fault divorce state?

New Jersey is a no-fault divorce state, which means divorce can be less complex. You can request a divorce based on irreconcilable differences.

Is there a waiting period for divorce in New Jersey?

No. There is no waiting period for a divorce in New Jersey. This means you can file for a divorce, and the courts can grant it as soon as the paperwork has been properly filed and completed and any issues pertaining to the divorce are resolved.

How long does divorce take?

There is no set amount of time a divorce can take. Each case and everyone’s circumstances are different, which is why it is vital to have an experienced and skilled attorney who can help guide you through the various processes, mitigate risks and delays, and find solutions to your divorce in a timely manner.

Contact A Montclair Contested Divorce Attorney

To schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced Essex County divorce attorney, contact The Law Office of Laurie A. Bernstein, P.C. at 973-567-3591 or by email.