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Financial Support And The Care Of Your Children

For individuals who are going through a divorce or reaching a custody arrangement, the financial considerations involved with supporting a child can be a pressing concern. Both parents have an obligation to provide for their children, making it important that they understand how support awards are calculated and enforced.

Laurie A. Bernstein, Esq., is an experienced Essex County, New Jersey, family law attorney who provides comprehensive legal advice regarding child support laws and helps clients understand the criteria used to create child support awards. These laws provide a guideline, calculating the support a parent owes by considering the incomes of both parents, the number of children, and the custody and visitation arrangement, as well as other factors.

How is child support determined? Contact us at 973-567-3591 to learn more. Our lawyer proudly serves parents throughout central and northern New Jersey counties.

Deviations From The Child Support Guidelines

The court may, where appropriate, deviate from the child support guidelines for several reasons. For some families, the child support calculations may not be applicable due to a child’s attendance at a college away from home or because they are high-income earners. In these situations, Laurie A. Bernstein, Esq., fights for the best interests of her clients, seeking child support awards that fit the needs of the particular family.

For some families, added expenses for day care or a child’s special needs must be considered as part of a child support award. Ms. Bernstein has the background and experience to help clients secure comprehensive arrangements that account for all issues of concern regarding children’s needs.

A family’s financial situation can change drastically, requiring the parties to revisit orders entered by the court. Laurie A. Bernstein, Esq., fights to help modify support awards as the needs of the family evolve and their circumstances change.

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