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Couple claims to be friends following messy divorce proceedings

Very often, couple's entering into divorce proceedings in Essex County pledge to be amicable towards each other during proceedings. Yet going through a divorce can be mentally and emotionally taxing, and that may take a toll on the participants' understanding and patience. This may be why so many of these cases quickly turn ugly, with both sides becoming defensive and refusing to make concessions to the other even though doing so might help to resolve the matter much faster. Unfortunately, the longer a divorce drags out, the more likely it may become that proceedings do become overly contentious. 

There may, however, be a way back from the brink of a messy divorce. This is illustrated in the case of a congressman from Minnesota currently running for the office of the state's attorney general. A recent court ruling mandated that the records from his divorce from his wife be unsealed. Those records revealed that while the two had attempted to cooperate during their proceedings, disagreements over alimony caused the case to devolve almost into a mud-slinging contest, with him trying to prove that her medical issues shouldn't prevent her from working, and her accusing him of living to lavish a lifestyle. 

Reaching an equitable division of property

Over time, people grow and change. After many years of marriage in New Jersey, you and your spouse may no longer be compatible. At the Law Office of Laurie A. Bernstein, P.C., we understand that a fair division of assets is a priority for moving forward with your life. We help our clients negotiate settlements and reach amicable resolutions. 

According to Business Insider, the judge assesses the financial statements when no equitable division of assets can be reached. If divorce is imminent, getting your finances in order is critical to protecting your children and your future. Here are some steps that can get you started.

Is mediation right for your divorce?

Often, when people hear the word “divorce,” they envision a protracted legal battle wherein the parties spend weeks – or months – wrangling in a courtroom, fighting over every issue. Thankfully, those types of divorces are rare. In general, only a small portion of divorces are so contested that they require that level of litigation.

Many divorces might actually benefit from a non-adversarial method of dispute resolution: mediation.

Physical custody and joint custody are two options in divorce

As a parent, you undoubtedly have many concerns about doing what is right for your kids. For a time, you and the other parent may have worked well together when it came to raising the kids and living as a family, but now, you have decided that the relationship no longer works. As a result, divorce is in your future.

Because you have children, one of your main concerns may relate to child custody arrangements. While many options for custody terms exist, it can prove difficult to determine what agreement may work in the best interests of the kids. Having the right information regarding physical custody and joint physical custody may help you during this time.

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