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Did you know that the divorce rate in America is actually going down? According to the Wall Street Journal, the divorce rate is down 29% since the highest point in 1979. The country is now witnessing the lowest divorce rate in 40 years.

But not all U.S. adults are responsible for this trend. Some age groups are actually experiencing higher divorce rates than they were before.

Why younger people are divorcing less often

 One of the main reasons behind the recent decline in divorces is the fact that younger generations are delaying their marriages. Generally, people in their 20s do not feel like they are in a rush to settle down. The current average age of marriage for women is 27 in comparison to 20 in 1963. This is largely due to a desire to achieve stability and goals before starting a family.

But this age group is not only particular about the timing of their nuptials but also their partners. Younger people tend to prioritize having a strong bond with their partners that is based on common interests and friendships instead of social obligations.

It is important to note that this does not necessarily suggest that younger individuals are delaying romantic partnerships. Relationships simply tend to look different in younger generations. Instead of marrying right after graduating, people often cohabitate for years before deciding to marry.

Divorce after 55

 In stark contrast to the overall decline, “gray divorces” are alarmingly increasing. Since 1979, the late-life divorce rate has doubled. Older people are getting divorces more often for a variety of reasons.

One cause is marrying young. As couples age, they may realize they are not actually in love with their spouses. Another reason is that they are in second or third marriages. Subsequent marriages have a higher risk of ending than first ones.

As people age and society changes, marriage and divorce trends will continue to fluctuate.