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Divorce is often a tumultuous time in a person’s life. You may find yourself feeling emotionally fragile one day and extremely confident and goal-oriented the next. Every marriage is unique, and therefore, so is every divorce. If you’re one of many New Jersey parents who are facing disagreements with your ex regarding child custody, you may want to talk to friends or family members who have experienced similar situations to learn how they were able to overcome problems.

Even though part of you might want to simply march into a courtroom and tell your former spouse exactly what you think of him or her, you also understand that court would likely not look favorably on such behavior. Instead, you are prepared to do whatever you can to succeed in obtaining custody of your kids. One thing you definitely don’t want to do is incite disruption in court.

Cooperation and compromise are key factors

You are getting divorced, so you no longer have to live with your ex, and you are able to start afresh in life with newly gained independence. However, since you have children together, you stand a better chance of obtaining a positive child custody outcome if you are willing to cooperate and compromise as necessary, for the sake of your children.

Be transparent

Former spouses often have ways of impeding the parent/child relationships of their co-parents. If you believe your ex is going to try to convince the court you are an unfit parent or that the atmosphere in your home is not conducive to your children’s well-being, you can be proactive to overcome such tactics by requesting an in-home evaluation.

Know your rights and how to protect them

If your co-parent spends a lot of time researching New Jersey child custody laws and you walk into court knowing little to nothing about such matters, your ex will have a great advantage over you. The more you learn ahead of time, the better prepared you’ll be to exercise your parental rights.

Play fair

Slamming your ex’s reputation in front of your kids is not likely to have a positive effect on your child custody case. It’s always a good idea to keep adult issues between adults. Your children love their other parent, and the more they witness you trying to get along and work together for their best interests, the easier their transition to a new lifestyle might be.