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How can I cope with the emotional effects of divorce?

If you’re facing a divorce in New Jersey, you’re probably reeling from the emotional effects. These effects can have a profound impact on your life, which is why it’s crucial to develop coping mechanisms to minimize stress and recover from your divorce in a meaningful way. Live About offers the following tips which can help you do just that. 

When online activity causes a marriage to fall apart

In the digital era, couples may find themselves in divorce court for any number of reasons. Aside from having an online affair, a marriage may be torn apart as a result of online activity due to various types of inconsiderate or even unlawful behavior. For example, a spouse may use the internet to carry out any number of crimes, or they could have an online addiction that causes them to drift apart from their spouse. For example, someone may do nothing but play games all day, refusing to work or even maintain a healthy relationship with their marital partner.

Couple claims to be friends following messy divorce proceedings

Very often, couple's entering into divorce proceedings in Essex County pledge to be amicable towards each other during proceedings. Yet going through a divorce can be mentally and emotionally taxing, and that may take a toll on the participants' understanding and patience. This may be why so many of these cases quickly turn ugly, with both sides becoming defensive and refusing to make concessions to the other even though doing so might help to resolve the matter much faster. Unfortunately, the longer a divorce drags out, the more likely it may become that proceedings do become overly contentious. 

Is mediation right for your divorce?

Often, when people hear the word “divorce,” they envision a protracted legal battle wherein the parties spend weeks – or months – wrangling in a courtroom, fighting over every issue. Thankfully, those types of divorces are rare. In general, only a small portion of divorces are so contested that they require that level of litigation.

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