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Who Pays For Your Child’s Tuition?

For many families, one of the biggest expenses that comes with raising a child begins after he or she turns 18 and graduates from high school. As more students enroll in higher education programs, parents often begin to save for college tuition payments when children are still young to minimize the debt their children will have when they finally earn their degree.

Laurie A. Bernstein, Esq., has more than 35 years of experience as an Essex County, New Jersey, family law attorney. She regularly advocates on behalf of clients facing issues related to paying for higher education and other financial needs of children.

The Law Office of Laurie A. Bernstein, P.C., regularly helps parents in central and northern New Jersey counties navigate complex family law concerns. Learn more by calling 973-567-3591.

Parent Contributions Toward Higher Education

Courts consider many factors when determining a parent’s obligation to contribute toward a child’s secondary education, including:

  • Whether the parent would have assisted the child in paying for college before a divorce
  • The parent’s and child’s shared goals, including how reasonable it is to expect the child to pursue higher education
  • The financial resources of both parents
  • The child’s choice of school and the cost associated with that program
  • The child’s commitment to and natural ability for their education and the relationship that education has to his or her goals
  • Any agreements made between the parties in their divorce judgment or property settlement agreement

For some families facing divorce, issues related to college tuition can be discussed and agreed upon as they make their initial arrangements for support. For other families, support agreements may have been put in place before college expenses were considered, and those support orders must be revisited. Laurie A. Bernstein, Esq., advocates on behalf of clients in both situations, helping them protect their rights while finding comprehensive plans that work for their families.

Contact An Essex County Support Agreement Attorney

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