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At The Law Office of Laurie A. Bernstein, P.C., we understand that single parenting in New Jersey is one of life’s most difficult jobs. And, according to an article published by Aurora University, single parenthood is on the rise.

The article also illustrates that this is not a new phenomenon. In fact, this radical change in the American family structure has been going on quietly for more than a decade. Looking at the figures for as far back as 1964, 93 percent of children were born to parents who were married. Fast-forward to 2010 and that number quickly plummets to 59 percent.

One of the primary reasons for this change may be that people are waiting until much later in life to get married. In fact, some people choose not to get married at all. While the study did not explore this point, the rise in divorce rates may also account for the number of children in the United States living in single parent households.

While many children raised in single parent homes grow up to be well-adjusted and successful adults, there are risks involved. Children of single parent households are more at risk for teen pregnancy, dropping out of school and going through divorce later in life.

Single parents themselves also tend to face more challenges than their married colleagues. Here are just a few of these challenges:

  •          Burnout from struggling to balance work and home responsibilities alone
  •          Custodial battles with the other parent of the child
  •          Lack of time for personal hobbies and interests
  •          Difficulties with finances

Generally speaking, single parent families face more hardships than nuclear families. From custodial battles to the loss of a combined income, the effects can be devastating. However, the more aware single parents are of the risks associated with this family structure, the better position they may be in to mitigate them. For more information on child custody and parenting time, please visit our webpage.