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As a single parent in New Jersey, you’re probably frustrated when your child misbehaves. Getting to the root of behavioral problems is key in this case, as this can help you understand your child’s actions and develop a plan going forward. Very Well Family offers the following advice, which can help you and your child deal with underlying emotions more effectively.

Your child may crave power

Divorce can leave a kid feeling powerless. This sometimes leads to problems at home, as your child may be exerting an unwelcome attempt to control a situation to make up for his feeling of powerless. While you are ultimately in control in your home, there are ways you can empower your child while also keeping him safe and secure. For instance, try to be flexible when assigning chores by allowing your child a say in when to do what task.

Your child may have problems managing emotions

Emotions are tough for most kids to deal with. Because they feel overwhelmed by their emotions, some kids resort to fighting or misbehavior as a response. Make sure your child knows that whatever emotions she is feeling are perfectly acceptable. If emotional issues persist, consider arranging an appointment with a therapist, which will provide your child with healthier coping mechanisms.

Your child may need attention

At the end of the day, your child may just want attention from you. For some kids, even bad attention is better than nothing at all. In this case, be sure to schedule enough quality time for your child to ensure his emotional needs are met. Also, refrain from having a response to bad behavior. Instead, discipline your child as necessary and let go of the issue.