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January 2019 Archives

Examining the different forms of alimony

To you (a most other in Essex County), alimony may simply be alimony. It is the money that either you or your ex-spouse will have to pay the other as a form of financial support. Yet this further highlights the incorrect assumptions that so many have about alimony. People often come to us here at The Law Office of Laurie A. Bernstein P.C. thinking that alimony is just another of punishing the spouse that makes more money by obliging them to support the other; rather, it is simply temporary assistance that ends once you or your ex-spouse secures gainful employment. As such, there are actually different types of alimony designed to fit the unique circumstances of your case. 

Should you consider mediating your child custody issues?

As other New Jersey parents who have gone through a divorce can tell you, one of the most important issues you will address is what happens to your children. Regardless of your personal relationship with your future former spouse, you recognize that the children you share need both of you in their lives as much as possible.

Why do children usually misbehave?

As a single parent in New Jersey, you’re probably frustrated when your child misbehaves. Getting to the root of behavioral problems is key in this case, as this can help you understand your child’s actions and develop a plan going forward. Very Well Family offers the following advice, which can help you and your child deal with underlying emotions more effectively.

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