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Very often, couple’s entering into divorce proceedings in Essex County pledge to be amicable towards each other during proceedings. Yet going through a divorce can be mentally and emotionally taxing, and that may take a toll on the participants’ understanding and patience. This may be why so many of these cases quickly turn ugly, with both sides becoming defensive and refusing to make concessions to the other even though doing so might help to resolve the matter much faster. Unfortunately, the longer a divorce drags out, the more likely it may become that proceedings do become overly contentious. 

There may, however, be a way back from the brink of a messy divorce. This is illustrated in the case of a congressman from Minnesota currently running for the office of the state’s attorney general. A recent court ruling mandated that the records from his divorce from his wife be unsealed. Those records revealed that while the two had attempted to cooperate during their proceedings, disagreements over alimony caused the case to devolve almost into a mud-slinging contest, with him trying to prove that her medical issues shouldn’t prevent her from working, and her accusing him of living to lavish a lifestyle. 

However, the congressman says that despite their divorce, the two have managed to work out their differences and coordinate raising their four children. He even went so far as to classify their current relationship as being a strong friendship. 

Yes, divorces can get messy, yet they do not always need to be. Cooperation and civility during proceedings may allow a couple to wrap up their cases quickly and avoid the tension so often associated with divorce. Achieving this may be much easier if each party involved as a skilled and experienced family law attorney to rely on.