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Over time, people grow and change. After many years of marriage in New Jersey, you and your spouse may no longer be compatible. At the Law Office of Laurie A. Bernstein, P.C., we understand that a fair division of assets is a priority for moving forward with your life. We help our clients negotiate settlements and reach amicable resolutions. 

According to Business Insider, the judge assesses the financial statements when no equitable division of assets can be reached. If divorce is imminent, getting your finances in order is critical to protecting your children and your future. Here are some steps that can get you started.

Print proof of assets, from bank and brokerage firm statements to tax forms. If you have signed any other financial documents in the last few years, print those as well. Don’t rely on electronic copies, especially if they are protected by passwords you and your spouse share.

Procure some liquid assets. If funds are in joint accounts, create a new one in your name only and transfer enough to pay your bills until your attorney gets involved. Don’t empty the account, but make sure you have some cash. It can buy you some time.

Know what you want and what you need for a settlement. Attorneys help you get the best arrangement possible. If you aren’t sure what you need long-term, you may accept an agreement that falls short of meeting your needs. How much do you need to support your children and maintain your standard of living? Visit our webpage for more information on this topic.