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Traditional litigation may not be the right choice for everyone. Mediation offers many families an affordable and efficient alternative. Laurie A. Bernstein Esq. is an established Essex County, New Jersey, Family Law attorney who zealously advocates on behalf of clients not only at trial, but also in alternative dispute resolution processes.

A Skilled Advocate And A Neutral Mediator

Conflicts between parties in a family matter can be resolved and transactions concluded in a non adversarial and cost-efficient manner with the right Mediator at the helm.

For more than three decades, Ms. Bernstein has honed her strategic, tactical and legal skills to enable her to assist parties in reaching amicable resolutions to their cases through the Mediation process as a Mediator.

When serving as a Mediator, Ms. Bernstein's years of courtroom experience and her superior negotiation skills have enabled her to assist parties in attempting to achieve their goals through the mediation process by putting their needs first and not the dispute. In her Mediation practice, she refocuses the parties to work collaboratively and not in an adversarial manner. Her talent for analyzing issues and her ability to utilize creative solutions to help parties create a roadmap for their future avoid the expense and turmoil of litigation.

Throughout the process, Ms. Bernstein works with the parties to attempt to arrive at amicable resolutions that meet the parties' needs.

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