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Domestic violence is a serious matter, which can have lasting consequences on the entire family. Laurie A. Bernstein Esq. is a highly respected Essex County, New Jersey, Family Law attorney who guides clients through these difficult situations with personal attention and aggressive representation tailored to their unique situation.

A Compassionate Advocate Who Will Fight For You

With more than three decades of experience as a Family Law lawyer, Laurie A. Bernstein Esq. understands how complex situations of domestic violence can be. She explains her client's options, the process of securing a restraining Order, and the effect that the Order will have on a client's life going forward.

Ms. Bernstein is a tenacious advocate who provides diligent, proactive representation that focuses on helping clients secure the results they need to feel safe and move forward.

Defending Clients' Rights Against False Accusations

Allegations of domestic violence should never be made lightly. There are however, instances where an individual may be wrongly accused by a spouse or co-parent in an attempt to gain an advantage in divorce or custody battles. Ms. Bernstein fights beside individuals faced with unfounded accusations of domestic violence, protecting their rights and their reputations.

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