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Laurie A. Bernstein Esq. offers individuals in and around Essex County, New Jersey, personalized legal advice and zealous representation. Drawing on more than three decades of experience as a Family Law attorney, Ms. Bernstein represents clients in cases involving a wide variety of Family Law issues, including:

  • Divorce: Providing zealous, quality, professional and ethical legal services on one-on-one basis in all divorce matters, including high net worth divorces.
  • Division of assets: Advising clients as to equitably dividing assets, including retirement accounts, businesses, real estate and personal property.
  • Alimony: Fighting for clients who require support from a spouse after marriage or opposing requests for spousal support.
  • Child custody and parenting time: Walking clients through the difficult process of crafting effective parenting plans that serve the best interests of the children.
  • Child support: Helping parents understand child support guidelines and the exceptions that may apply to their situation, as well as advising clients on issues related to child support violations and college tuition payments.
  • Post-divorce modification: Representing clients after a change in circumstances has caused court orders to become unfair or no longer work for the family.
  • Enforcement of orders: Defending clients' rights when a former spouse or co-parent fails to comply with Court Orders.
  • Parent relocation: Representing clients who are seeking to move out of state with their children or others, or opposing this request.
  • Paternity: Advising clients on the process of establishing paternity and related matters such as custody, parenting time and support.
  • Domestic violence: Working closely with clients who are victims of domestic violence or who have been falsely accused of domestic violence, protecting their rights and fighting for them in Court.
  • Appeals: Advising as to the Appellate process and representation where appropriate.
  • Mediation: Assisting the parties to reach an amicable agreement on custody, parenting time and financial issues.

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